In order to help everyone in the industry who are affected by this unprecedented crisis, I'm offering a couple of options. If you are unable to pay please contact me, I will do whatever I can to work with you!
1. Pay the $100 set up/location fee (one time per visit) cost per shot is the listed cost of the menu item (if the entree is $15, then the cost is $115, if you add a $5 app, then the rate is $120  

*If you are having financial difficulties, you may 
pay the per dish rate portion with gift certificates. Some of the gift certificates will be shared with other people in the event industry that are unable to work right now who are also going through a difficult time.  I ask that you split the certificates into increments of  $50 or less.   



1. Email or call me with a good day and time and we will get back to you with the options.
2. Choose your background from our in stock options  
3. I will arrive with my mobile van studio, you will bring the menu item to me either plated or in your to-go container (whichever you prefer). I will do any additional styling needed to show it in the best possible way. 
4. Photos delivered via online gallery (one final image per dish (images delivered and optimised for the various social media and website platforms via online gallery and online download
5. KW Photography will share at least one photo on Instagram and Facebook tagging you and talking about your awesome food to help promote you. We are also happy to provide a link to your restaurant contact information for customers to access.


Do you need help marketing your take-out menu items? I'm here to help! My mobile studio is up and ready to meet you outside of your restaurant for your customized photo session 


What is the turnaround time?

I know time is of the essence right now, I will do my best to have your images finished within a couple of days

Can we have multiple backdrops?

In order to keep things efficient, i'll need to stick to one backdrop. I'm working out of my van so it will be difficult to change things around too much. If you want to schedule a secondary session, we can switch out backdrops for each session

How far will you travel?

I'll be travelling up to 40 miles outside of the greater Wilmington Area. If there are travel restrictions between states, that may limit my ability. We are taking this on a day to day basis. Certain days will be dedicated to Philadelphia and other areas in order to be the most efficient in my travel plans. 

Can we add props and style the setting?

Unfortunately we cannot add props and additional styling. The rates i'm providing are significantly reduced from my normal rates. I'm providing simple, clean shots to show off your take-out menu for customers. The shots are meant for you to show customers what they are getting in their order and help sell your menu items.   These are not meant to replace your full marketing campaign.  If you need some marketing shots done of your employees and the safety measures you are taking (working shots with masks etc), please talk me about the options. 

Kelli is an award winning, Wilmington, Delaware based photographer specializing in wedding photography as well as commercial photography. Kelli was the lead food photographer for Kroger Grocery Stores "Goodness" magazine for over 5 years back in her Atlanta days. She has shot for dozens of restaurants and editorial stories for Delta Sky Magazine featuring local chefs, businesses and of course, food! Kelli has also been a continuing  contributor for Dishing Magazine in Jackson, Wyoming. 
Kelli lives with her husband and 3 young boys near the Brandywine River where they enjoy hiking, fishing and paddleboarding. Kelli and her family live part of the time in Wyoming where Kelli grew up. 



Let's do this!

Thank you!

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